Re: Nomad Gods 2

From: Simon Phipp <soltakss>
Date: Wed May 24 16:55:16 2006


  > And a Question: what are the biggest Advances of the Nomad God Edition
> of Oriflam in Contrast to the First Edition of the
> Seventies?

  The biggest advance, in my opinion, is that the rules are compatible with the Dragon Pass rules and make a lot more sense. The rules are clearer and better laid out, at least the English translation rules are.    

  The map is a bit clearer, but not a lot. There are more units and again they tie up with Dragon Pass units. But that's about it. If you have played NG1 then NG2 should not be a problem. If you haven't played NG1 then you won't miss it as NG2 is better.    

  The only advantage NG1 has over NG2 is that the map can be photocopied easily onto a single sheet and almost, but not quite, matches the map from WBRM. Apparently the NG2 and DP maps also match, but I've never got them to work and one's on card and the other's on little bits that you have to stick together - whoever thought of that needs shooting.    

  See Ya    


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