Nomad Gods 2

From: Goihl & Fahey <goihlk>
Date: Wed May 24 22:09:43 2006

Hy Ralzi

>Maybe I have to correct myself. Have sombody in Mail-Able
>Form the Descriptions of the Counters of Nomad Gods.

Might be illegal, so nobody answers. Ask Greg at the con. Does anyone have a copy they'd sell?

>what are the biggest Advances of the Nomad God Edition
>of Oriflam in Contrast to the First Edition of the Seventies?

Some new pieces. The melee system from DP used for Oriflam NG disadvantages the units with lower combat factors. The Impala and Sable tribes often lose battles. We'll discuss it at Bacharach. I'm bringing my NG project.


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