Nomad Gods move 3!!

From: Karsten Sassenberg <dorastor>
Date: Mon Aug 21 18:02:44 2006

hier mein 3 Zug. Prost!!

>-At Moonbroth are the Khan and Founder, two Sable M (3*3 5) clans, and the Nose Horn Herd.Go to the 2sw Moonbroth is a Sable Herd ,take it and returns to Moonbroth. Is this not possible cause of to few Movementpoints, then the Khan will try to summon and Ally in Moonbroth.
>-At 2e (1ne,1se) of the Lake is a Sable L (2* 3 6) clan and a Herd.
>-At 2sw Moonbroth is a Sable Herd.
>-At Knight's Fort is a doomed L clan. This Clan heading North.
>-At Horn Gate is an H (425) clan.
>-At 1se Paps is a Sable L clan with the Serpent Guardians.Still be there, planing and looking what will the best to do with the Serpents.
>-At 5se Paps is a Sable Herd try to eat something, I hope it will not ne "Devil Grass".


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