Nomad Gods move 4

From: Goihl & Fahey <goihlk>
Date: Thu Sep 14 15:21:33 2006

Greetings Praxians!

Here are the positions after the third move and battles, and results of fourth alliance attempts and suchlike.

You may now send orders for the fourth move. I'll be in Greece till Sept.10th

-Pol Joni tribesmen and their Bodies of Old have captured the Sable clan at Knight's Fort.

-Amber clan 1 has attacked the Whirlvish at Pimper's Block, but with no result.

-Lucky Star appears in the sky. High Llama clans and Herds are immune to missiles this turn.

-The Eternal Battle moved back and forth from 3n,1nw Monkey Ruins to 1nw Monkey Ruins, absorbing a Pol Joni clan along the way.

-The Good Shepherd was given to High Llama at the Paps.

-The High Llama emissary at the Sun Dome is still being entertained by the Domers.

-Rumor has it that a Medicine Bundle (the Corne/Horn) is still atop the Block.

-Knight's Fort has allied with the horse bastards.

-Sun Hawk has joined Morokanth at Malia's Stool.

-A High Llama clan found a Medicine Bundle in the Rubble.

-The Men-and-a-Half have appeared at Obscure Plinth. It is not yet clear whether they've joined Impala, represented by Waha!'s Champion and a Herd, or High Llama, represented by their Founder. These two tribes should discuss this matter among themselves.

-A Sable H clan has gathered to join the Khan and Founder at Moonbroth.

-The Morokanth Shaman has arrived at Malia's Stool with a Herd, two 435 clans, and a 336 clan.

-Plague is at Tourney Altar.

-A whirlvish is at Pimper's Block.

-At Cam's Well are an Impala 2**3 6 clan, a 1** 3 6 clan and a Herd.
-At Obscure Plinth are Waha!'s Champion and an Impala Herd, with High Llama Founder and the Men-and-a-Half.
-At 1se Obscure Plinth is a clan.
-At Dwarf Knoll are a clan and a Herd, with a Llama 546 clan.
-At 3nw Dwarf Knoll is the Impala Khan.

-At Corflu is a 434 clan.
-At 3se Agape are the Bison Khan, Founder, three 544 clans, three 434 clans, and two Bison Herds.
-At 4s Horn Gate is the Baboon Troop.
-At Agape are three 345 clans and a Bison Herd.

-At 1se Day's Rest is Ronance.
-At Day's Rest are a 435 clan and a 2550 clan.
-At Biggle Stone are a 435 clan, a 336 clan, a Herd of Herdpersons, and Frog Woman.
-At Malia's Stool are the Morokanth Shaman, Sun Hawk, three 435 clans, a 336 clan, a Herd of Herdpersons, and a captured Impala Herd.
-At 1sw Winter Ruin is a 435 clan with a Medicine Bundle.
-At Winter Ruin is a Herd of Herdpersons.
-At 3sw of the Lake are a 435 clan and a 2550 clan.
-At 4sw Paps is a 336 clan with Raven and a Herd.

-At Moonbroth are the Khan and Founder, a Sable H clan, two Sable M (3*3 5) clans, a Sable Herd, and the Nose Horn Herd.
-At 1n,1nw Obscure Plinth is a Sable L clan and a Herd.
-At Horn Gate is an H (425) clan.
-At 1se Paps is a Sable L clan with the Serpent Guardians.
-At 5se Paps is a Sable Herd.

-At the Sun Dome is a Llama 3*56 clan, still awaiting an answer to its emissarial inquiries.
-At 1n Paps are a 3*56 clan and Good Sheherd.
-At 2n Paps is a Llama Herd.
-At 2s,2se Pairing Stones is a Llama Herd.
-At 2w Pavis is a 3*56 clan.
-At w Rubble is a 546 clan and a Medicine Bundle.
-At Dwarf Knoll is a Llama 546 clan with an Impala clan and a Herd.
-At Pairing Stones are the Khan, two 546 clans, and a Llama Herd.
-At Obscure Plinth is High Llama Founder with Waha!'s Champion and an Impala Herd, and the Men-and-a-Half.

Pol Joni:
-At Barbarian Town are the Bastard leader and the Potor clan.
-At 1se Pimper's Block is the Amber Clan 1.
-At 6ne Barbar are the Amber Clan 2 and the Ansil Clan with a cattle herd.
-At Knight's Fort are two Pol Joni clans, the Flash Jak, And-Jay, and Krise clans, a cattle herd, a Body of Old, and a captured Sable L clan, along with the newly-allied Knight (557) and two footmen (334).
-At 1sw Monkey Ruins is a lone cattle herd, next to the Eternal Battle.

Jaldon Toothmaker

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