Nomad Gods move 5

From: Goihl & Fahey <goihlk>
Date: Mon Oct 16 18:23:29 2006

Greetings Praxians!

Here are the positions after the fourth move and battles, and results of fifth alliance attempts and suchlike.

You may now send orders for the fifth move.

-Impala and High Llama forces have attacked Sable at Moonbroth.
I'll include details of this battle for those interested in how I use the rules. On Moonbroth were the Sable Khan and Founder, a Sable H (425) clan, two Sable M (3*35) clans, a Sable Herd, and the Nose Horn Herd. Another clan (L) and Herd are just to the nw, having been prevented from entering by the ZOC of the attacking stack. At 1ne Moonbroth were High Llama Founder, Waha!'s Champion, Impala Khan and a clan (1** 3 6), and the Men-and-a-Half. High Llama Founder attacked with magic. Sable Founder defended, as attacking would have allowed Waha!'s Champion to participate in the magical battle using defensive magic, (has only range factor 0). High Llama rolled a 2, and so chose to eliminate the Sable H clan. Sable Founder's highest possible result would be 9, too low to kill High Llama Founder. In the shooting segment Impala also rolled a 2, for no result, while the Sable clans rolled a six, disrupting the Impala clan, chosen as casualty by the owner as this is the weakest unit in the stack. In close combat both sides rolled 4. As Sable had a cf total of 17 (+1 to each clan for Khan's presence) the loss inflicted is 8. The top unit of the enemy having a higher cf than 8, (High Llama Founder - 12) there are no losses, but I will now use a rule of my own and disrupt the High Llama Founder as he has been hit for half his cf. The allies' cf total was 31 so the loss inflicted is 15. The Sable units didn't move this turn so they are considered to have defe nsive terrain bonus. Sable Founder (topmost unit) thus counts as half-again - 15 - so only he is killed and no one else. Using another new rule I say that Sable is pushed out of Moonbroth, one hex back, due to having suffered a higher cf loss. Another rule of mine which could have come into play here (had not the Sable H clan been eliminated before close combat) is the Sable Bypass Rule, whereby Sable forces, on account of their superior integration of combined arms may bypass the top unit when selecting casualties of close combat. For each additional Sable clan type fighting in a close combat the Sable player may bypass one unit from the top down when selecting enemy casualties of close combat. To clarify, if there is only a single type of Sable clan (H, M, or L, regardless of how many units) in a fight the Sable player may only select the topmost enemy unit, as normal. If there are two different types among the Sable units then the top enemy unit may be bypassed and the second to the top unit chosen as a casualty. If Sable has all three different unit types in a fight then two top enemy units may be thus bypassed.

-Amber clan 1 has captured the Whirlvish at Pimper's Block.

-A giant mask has reportedly been seen in the Big Rubble.

-The Eternal Battle moved SE thru Monkey Ruins and then NE to 4nw,1sw Sog's Ruins, absorbing the Flak-Jak clan and the Knights along the way.

-A Medicine Bundle (the Corne/Horn) is still atop the Block.

-High Llama has allied with Black Fang in Pavis.

-The Men-and-a-Half have joined High Llama.

-An Impala clan has gathered to join the Khan at Moonbroth.

-Plague is still at Tourney Altar.

-At Cam's Well are an Impala 2**3 6 clan, a 1** 3 6 clan and a Herd.
One clan had moved toward Monkey Ruin, then seen the horse hordes coming and returned to Cam's Well.
-At Obscure Plinth are a clan and a Herd, with a Llama 546 clan.
-At 2s Obscure Plinth is a Herd.
-At Moonbroth are the Impala Khan, Waha!'s Champion,an Impala clan, and High Llama's Men-and-a-Half.
-At 1ne Moonbroth are an Impala clan and the High Llama Founder, both disrupted and so unable to advance onto Moonbroth with the others after the fight.

-At Corflu is a 434 clan.
-At Agape are the Bison Khan, Founder, three 544 clans, and a Bison Herd.
-At 4ne Agape are three 434 clans and a Bison Herd.
-At 3sw,1s Horn Gate is the Baboon Troop.
-At Bigglestone are three 345 clans and a Bison Herd.

-At 2se Day's Rest is Raven.
-At Day's Rest are Ronance, a 435 clan and a 2550 clan.
-At 4nw Biggle Stone are a 435 clan, a 336 clan, a Herd of Herdpersons, and Frog Woman.
-At 4sw Malia's Stool are the Morokanth Shaman, Sun Hawk, three 435 clans, a 336 clan, a Herd of Herdpersons, and a captured Impala Herd.
-At Winter Ruin is a 435 clan with a Medicine Bundle and of a Herd Herdpersons.
-At 2n,1ne Moonbroth are a 435 clan and a 2550 clan. They'd been pursuing Sables but stopped when the Herd was left in their path. If they'd moved next to the Herd the Sable Protectress would have appeared and fought them.
-At 1n,1ne Tourney Altar is a 336 clan with a Herd.

-At 1nw Moonbroth are the Khan, two Sable M (3*3 5) clans, a Sable L clan, a Sable Herd, and the Nose Horn Herd.
-At 1n,1nw Moonbroth is a Herd.
-At Horn Gate is an H (425) clan.
-At 1se Paps is a Sable L clan with the Serpent Guardians.
-At 5se Paps is a Sable Herd.

-At the Sun Dome may still be a Llama 3*56 clan.
-At 1n Paps are a 3*56 clan and Good Shepherd.
-At 2s dwarf is a Llama Herd.
-At 3s,1se Pairing Stones is a Llama Herd.
-At Pavis is a 3*56 clan. Black Fang may now do some work for High Llama.
-At 3se,1s Pairing Stones is a 546 clan and a Medicine Bundle.
-At Obscure Plinth is a Llama 546 clan with an Impala clan and a Herd.
-At Pairing Stones are the Khan, two 546 clans, and a Llama Herd.
-At Moonbroth are the Impala Khan, Waha!'s Champion, an Impala clan, and High Llama's Men-and-a-Half.
-At 1ne Moonbroth are an Impala clan and the High Llama Founder, both disrupted and so unable to advance onto Moonbroth with the others after the fight.

Pol Joni:
-At Barbarian Town are the Bastard leader and the Potor clan.
-At Pimper's Block is the Amber Clan 1 and a Whirlvish.
-At 2s Day's Rest are the Amber Clan 2 and the Ansil Clan with a cattle herd.
-At 2n,1nw Knight's Fort are two Pol Joni clans, a Body of Old, two footmen (334), and a captured Sable L clan.
-At 1s Monkey Ruins are And-Jay, Krise, and a cattle herd.
-At 1s,1sw Monkey Ruins is a lone cattle herd.

Jaldon Toothmaker

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