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From: Goihl & Fahey <goihlk>
Date: Thu Feb 15 18:32:50 2007


Hey Simon, I've been working on pieces too, and the board and whatever else. Come to Tentacles to see.  

I'm running NG as email game, for those who don't know. Everyone welcome to join. Takes almost no time.

For those playing, I've been taking longer getting round to doing the latest move. I should send it to you all this weekend.  

Jaldon Toothmaker  

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> Did anyone ever create a Game Box for Nomad Gods for Cyberboard? I have

> noticed several flaws in the DP one I have, but it is still enjoyable as a

> way of facilitating pbem games.

I am working occasionally on a Cyberboard version of Nomad Gods, well a combined version of Nomad Gods, Dragon Pass, Dagori Inkarth and part of the Holy Country. Also, a Balazar/Elder Wilds version. However, it is very slow going and is on hold until my wife goes away in the Summer.  

I am concentrating on the maps, which are the key. I worked up a couple of sheets of Dragon Pass counters using the Dragon Pass Cyberboard, but I need to do some work on them to get the look and feel similar to traditional Dragon Pass. I started on the Nomad Gods counters but ran out of time and patience.  

I very mych doubt wether I'll use Cyberboard to actually play DP/NG, as I've not worked out how to do it. Unless, of course, some nice person shows me how to do it. But, as a set of resources, spare counter sheets, maps etc it is very good.  

For what it's worth, I have almost finished the maps - I need to move all of Balazar and Elder Wilds one hex eastwards due to a calculation cockup (90 by 60 hexes, not an easy job) and to line it up with the Dragon Pass map. Once the maps are done, I'll start working on counter blanks and counter sheets. Once the counters are done, I'll have a look at what else is needed for a Cyberboard implementation. Presumably, when it is all finished, if anyone wants just a Nomad Gods map, they can copy the Cyberboard and remove the other areas.  

I've got 2 Cyberboard maps being developed:

  1. Balazar, Elder Wilds, Giantland, The Rockwoods, Elf Sea, Redlands up to the edge of the Hungry Plateau, part of eastern Tarsh
  2. Dragon Pass, Prax, Part of the Holy Country, Shadows Dance

The maps are the same width but are different heights and should fit nicely on a sheet of A0. I'm not sure how playable they will be, because of their size but, what the hell.

> Ok quick rules question -
> the Spell Archers spirit is destroyed.
> The Spell Archers unit is on a subsequent turn attacked
> Does it still get DSM? This seems counterintuitive?

I'd say yes, simply because they are still a magical unit, even though their agent has been destroyed. They can't actively attack any more, but they can certainly defend.


> I have a friend who might enjoy this list? How does he subscribe?
Go to and fill in the form with email address and passwords.  

See Ya  


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