Nomad Gods

From: chris ward <cw67q>
Date: Fri Feb 16 11:53:39 2007

I always thought they did get DSM. Effectively their RF was now 0, but maybe I'm wrong. I think it is easier to keep track of things if playing this way though.    

  Cheers - Chris

CJ <> wrote:

                   Did anyone ever create a Game Box for Nomad Gods for Cyberboard?  I have noticed several flaws in the DP one I have, but it is still enjoyable as a way of facilitating pbem games.  
              Ok quick rules question ? 

? the Spell Archers spirit is destroyed.
? The Spell Archers unit is on a subsequent turn attacked
? Does it still get DSM? This seems counterintuitive?

   Any thoughts?    

  Cj x

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