House Rules for Dragon Pass

From: Steve to glorantha-board <steve_gb>
Date: Mon Apr 23 20:52:51 2007

Greetings, fellow Dragon Pass fans! I'm told this is the place to discuss  rulesy questions about DP, NG etc. I see from the archives (back to '02)  that you good people have been thinking about similar sorts of things as I  have, so it's encouraged me to inflict on you twenty years worth of my  rules-tinkerings. These are our House Rules for Dragon Pass. Quite a few are
 new and untested - others are well tried-and-trusted. Can you tell which is  which?
  1. No Defender Doubling: combats are resolved by each side rolling simultaneously.
  2. Casualties are just disrupted (Missile Fire, Dragonfights, Chaotic Magic, assassination and sacrificing eliminate as normal).
  3. Dragonfights eliminate ALL units surrounding and stacked with the Dragon.
  4. Dragon CF = 20.
  5. Assassins only kill individuals (must scout the stack first).
  6. When a Scapegoat is chosen, it must be an individual if one is present.
  7. Superheroes and Dragons do not give any units stacked with them immunity from Exotic/Spirit/Chaotic Magic.
  8. Spirits are not allocated for "DSM", but assumed to be with their magician and are put on the stack if it is attacked.
  9. Casualties must be selected from the the top of the stack down.
  10. Major Independents are allied by emissaries, not Diplomacy Points. Each Major Independent allied to your opponent(s) gives +1 on emissary rolls for other Major Independents. Androgeus will only ally if the emissarying side has currently lost at least one home city. Emissaries to the Dragonewts suffer a penalty of -2 on the roll.
  11. Diplomacy Points are used to buy-back lost units, even Spirits, magical, special and allied units. Each turn up to 25 points worth of units may be bought-back and placed, during the Diplomacy segment. Replacements cost the sum of their CF + MF +1 per symbol and, if their RF is non-blank, plus MgF + RF.
  12. Superheroes fight in combat with CF of 10, but cannot be disrupted and cost 20 to eliminate as a casualty.
  13. Physical Magic adds to the CF of any units attacking in Melee Combat.

 I'd be interested to hear your comments...

 TTFN, Steve W

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