House Rules for Dragon Pass

From: Joerg Baumgartner <joe>
Date: Thu Apr 26 11:01:31 2007

Steve W

> For a college project I recently wrote a Cyberboard-like game utility in
> Java (see it here if you're interested
> so I'd be interested to hear your or anyone's opinions of Cyberboard's
> usefulness/shortcomings.
> I think a good feature of mine is that the boards are described in a text
> file, so it's easy to edit.

What I have managed to see so far left me impressed. I grabbed the WebHex.class for offline playing, do I need more?

The board description comes in handy for testing scales in my Gloranthan mapping project.

The area of Balazar and the Elder Wilds exists in hex overlay (if you own the Chaosium edition of Griffin Mountain, the foldout map needs to be enlarged by about 1.33 to match DP scale). Areas in between have been done in ASCII.

> I have the Avalon Hill Dragon Pass and the Chaosium Nomad Gods (a treat
> for me last year).
> We do typically play the scenarios in order, to test the rules, our
> knowledge of them and savour the story.
> I think the game mechanisms aren't so complex, but all the special
> abilities and other strangeness is, until you get to know the world
> and it's characters.

In the end, the special abilities and strangeness makes it a memorable game, yes.

Steve, would you mind if your WebHex was advertised on

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