From: Robert McArthur <rjmcarthur>
Date: Wed May 9 02:40:50 2007

CJ wrote:
> Major Roads: half an mp per hex
> Minor Roads: extra "free" hex per 2 hexes travelled.
> Does the minor road bonus also apply to units travelling on major roads?
> (ie. is the real movement cost on major road one per four hexes?) Surely
> this can't be the case?

Definitely not (IMHO :-). All it's trying to say is per-hex cost is 1/2MP for major roads and 2/3 for minor roads. As per usual, the fun is on the edges when you *really* need to get that extra hex but just can't do it. Part of the fun of the game! Oh, and don't forget flying units can't benefits from roads. We played it that units with underlined MF could benefit, but I can see it the other way as well - what do others play?


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