From: <buserian>
Date: Sat May 12 02:07:24 2007

Hi Steve,

> > I believe that the rules are very specific that underlined MFs
> ignore ALL
> > terrain modifiers...
> Are you thinking of the original NG rules (and perhaps others),
> where
> underlined MF meant a flyer? My AH DP rules say MF underlines
> (heroic
> movement) give a maximum cost of 1 to enter any hex, so they could
> still
> benefit from roads. Or has that been superceded?

No, you are correct -- I misremembered the rule, and don't have my stuff available to check.

> > "Steve W" <> writes:
> >> Although primary roads ignore terrain, secondary ones don't (DP
> 6.1.2)...
> > Steve wrote: Yes, that sounds right...

> Yes, that's the way I read the RAW, too. Trouble with that is, although

> there's no problem on the DP map, those of us who aspire to developing
> maps would have a problem if we put secondary roads through, say,
> If terrain costs are in addition, it would mmean it was better to
> off-road! I'm afraid I'll have to flip-flop on this one...

Why would it take more to travel on the road than off? Mountains cost 3 to enter, but you still get that minor road benefit, so it would cost ... 2 1/2 per hex? 2 per hex? I am having trouble with math right now -- a 4-year old and 7-year old standing behind me as I type, waiting to go out to dinner, don't help... Anyway, the point is that terrain modifiers are not in ADDITION to road -- the road reduces the cost, even if only slightly.

More later.


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