Re: Roads

From: Steve W <steve_gb>
Date: Sat May 12 17:39:45 2007

Steve W:
>>Doing it that way, you'd get the benefit of the half cost move on the
>>primary/major road AND of the 'two-thirds' cost move on the 
>> road.

> There is no 2/3 cost. A minor costs one.
All I meant was that it makes an average of two-thirds per hex over three hexes since (normally), yes, the first two cost 1 each but the third then costs 0. That's all I meant.I think it was Rob who used the 2/3 shorthand for minor road moves.

Steve W wrote:

>>So it's double in the sense that you'd get two bonuses at once.
>>In fact you'd move 3 hexes for 1.5 MF (so double in that sense too!)
>>- which is as good as moving along a primary road for the whole distance,
> In that one case, yes, it seems to me you'd pay half for the first hex and
> one for the second, and zero for the third, just as if you'd travelled a
> major the whole way. Not likely to happen much. Well, you can play it
> otherwise if you will. Half for the first, one each for the second and
> third, the fourth being free you've now spent .5+1+1+0=2.5 for four hexes.
> If there were another major you could use the remaining .5
I will play it that way. It's best to clarify these things before thay actually happen, though, right?
Anyone else care to express an opinion on this?

TTFN, Steve W

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