Re: House Rules: Ducks v Beat-pot

From: <buserian>
Date: Sat May 12 20:12:52 2007

Hi All,

> >> Interesting - thanks for that. Was this anything to do with the
> >> Masters of Luck etc?

> Steve M wrote:
> > Yes.

> Would you be willing to tell more about that fabulous game, or are the
> memories too painful? :-)

Not too painful, but not a lot of time for the next week or so -- very busy weekend, and even busier work week this coming week (teaching 8 to 5 Monday through Saturday). And in the evenings there is UFC and IFL and possibly some Bodogfight if I can catch it, so ...

Anyway, I've posted a lot of stuff about MoLaD here over the years, I think it is all archived -- Robert, can you help Mr. W with accessing what is available?

What I have posted in part comes from "what-might-have-been" (and I kept photocopies from the time I had access to the original files, so now that I don't have access I still have the info available), part from my work on updating the rules set. One day I have to scan in my large DP-scale map and post it on-line...

> I'm sure I'm not the only one who's wondered what-might-have-been...
> since seeing the mention in RQ2 I have been curious. It said
> Holy Country", so I always imagined it had something to do with tides,
> watery and spiritual,

This is correct, actually -- physical tides were very important to the map terrain, and although spiritual tides were never well-represented in the notes and rules, I am sure they would eventually have been a feature.

> and thought maybe it never came out because of
> difficulties representing such changes on a normal board. And I wonder
if my

That was not the major difficulty, actually. :) Now, though, they are -- to do the game properly would, IMO, require a board twice the size of the DP board + an additional board the size of the DP board (for the Otherworld) + twice as many counters as are used in DP (at least) + a deck of cards + a set of runic dice. I think it could be sold for about $250 and not lose money.

> electonic version might be able to overcome any such difficulties. It
> already has a political/physical toggle, some may have noticed, which
> be extended to change according to the week, or whatever. Anyway, could
> please shed more light?

In a couple of weeks, if I have time. And only after you confirm you've trolled the archives for info. :)

Steve M.

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