AW: Dinosaurs! Dragon Pass Query

From: Goihl & Fahey <goihlk>
Date: Thu May 17 16:17:01 2007

The WB&RM rules were different in that the MgF was added up with the others in combat. With the Corbett rules (DP and Oriflam NG) they are no longer useful in combat.
Some of us have had the idea of having a special rule for the Bronto whereby its MgF is a sort of shield. When you attack a stack with a Bronto in it 10 points will be absorbed from the MgF loss before any other loss is taken. Daniel

 What is the point of the Brontosaurs? :) They seem pretty useless. MgF 10 - but as in spirit combat attacker decides the casualties, why would they elect to attack them? Or do they have some special power I am missing?

cj x

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