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From: Joerg Baumgartner <joe>
Date: Mon May 21 12:30:15 2007

> Hi All,
> OK, I imported my archived folders for the Wargames, and they begin with
> a message from Rob Heinsoo dated 10/30/96. But this message is obviously
> a reply to previous emails -- any of you oldtimers have any idea why I
> start in the middle of a conversation? The email talks about taking "the
> loop to the Dragon Pass Digest, which I'm gonna be subscribing to as soon
> as I get the instructions." So maybe this was about the time of the
> inception of the Dragon Pass Digest, as the Gloranthaboard was previously
> known? I know I have separate archived folders for Shadows Dance and
> Lords of Fate/Masters of Luck and Death, so I will check those as well.

> Joerg? Daniel? Dave Cheng, are you here?

I'm here, listening in on the sidelines. If I remember correctly, discussion started on the digest and should be in the digest archives. Hard to find, though - nothing I could google quickly.

Checking the date, I may have found a digest thread that might have been responsible:

> Anywhere, the earliest message is a call from Dave Cheng for ideas for
> new and changed rules, and I know there was a discussion between me and
> Joerg about Shadows Dance and an Aggar game, so I will start trolling
> through the files as I have time.

The Shadows Dance discussion was by private email. Maybe my Atari harddisk still has some of that, but no idea how well it kept.

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