Posting old info/discussions

From: <buserian>
Date: Tue May 22 17:22:48 2007

Hi All,

> > wrote:
> >> OK, I've had one request recently to repost some old material and

> > Joerg wrote:
> > The obvious answer (to me) is: put it on a website. If you don't have
> > webspace available, I could host it under
> As the troublemaker who asked for it in the first place, I'm
honour-bound to
> volunteer to do the donkey work of any necessary reformatting. If you
> send me the raw files (SteveM) and a sample of how you want it to look
> html (JeorgB)...?

Well, some of what I find won't necessarily format well, as it would be back and forth discussion on subjects -- a lot of meat, but not necessarily any definitive text. But, I'll see what comes up.

Hmm ... someone send Steve W. a link to the Raiders Digest, would you?


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