Dragon Pass: the Hound!

From: Steve W <steve_gb>
Date: Thu Jun 7 14:17:28 2007

>> > How do you think the hound works?

>> Always one of the six hex directions was the way we worked.

> Yeah, that is one of the limitations of the Hound -- because if you allow
> it to go horizontally, it will actually be traveling through many more
> hexes. One alternative suggestion -- you COULD allow the Hound to travel
> horizontally, but I would NOT allow it to zig-zag...

Yes, I'm fairly certain that according to the straight DP rules, the Hound should go along one of the 6 cardinal directions (of the hexagonal world). As for trying alternatives, I'd suggest leaving that until you've used the normal rules for a while longer - they are pretty good! :-)

TTFN, Steve W

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