Disrupted Spirits/Cyberboard Gamebox

From: buserian_at_juno.com <buserian>
Date: Fri Jun 8 05:38:51 2007

Hey Steve W,

> Sorry for being slow to reply, I've been out of circulation for a
couple of weeks.

You and everyone else, apparently.

> >> Steve M wrote:
> >> > [One] discussion was to add Disrupt and/or Retreat results to the
> >> Steve W:
> >> Our house rule... Disruption is the outcome of being selected as a

> >> Steve M wrote:
> > That's fine for you, since you don't do the elimination effect.
> Let me clarify that we *do* do elimination, but just to units that are
> already disrupted. This could be on a second-pass through a stack, from
> same combat, if there is any damage left-over after the first pass.
> to labour the point, if everyone already understood this perfectly

Ah, wasn't at all clear to me. Makes sense if you want to slow down how quickly units are eliminated. Also, makes Missile Combat MUCH more important, since that is a great way to soften up the troops for melee by disrupting as many of them as possible before the cavalry charge.


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