Disrupted Spirits/Cyberboard Gamebox

From: Steve W <steve_gb>
Date: Sat Jun 9 13:34:44 2007

> Steve M wrote:
> Makes sense if you want to slow down how quickly units are eliminated.
Yes, that's the aim of our 'Combat Disrupts' house rule and it seems to work a treat, countering the frequent criticism of combat being excessively bloody. It's a new idea and we've only playtested it up to the Argrath's Return scenario, not the Full Game yet - but so far, so good. I'd be interested to hear the opinions of anyone else who'd care to try it...

> Also, makes Missile Combat MUCH more
> important, since that is a great way to soften up the troops for melee by
> disrupting as many of them as possible before the cavalry charge.
Similarly Spirit Combat, as we play that the same way (i.e. just disrupting at first). This rule produces a lot more disrupted units, which I like. Worrying about moving them away from enemy stacks adds another dimension, which feels like troop morale and seems realistic to me (although I know nothing about such things, in reality). I also like it because, as a long-time roleplayer, I appreciate the 'stories' of the individual units - which can be more heroic if they are more able to survive. Those Ducks just get better and better. Beat-Pot, beware!

TTFN, Steve W

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