AW: Disrupted Spirits/Cyberboard Gamebox

From: Goihl & Fahey <goihlk>
Date: Sat Jun 9 16:19:05 2007

>This rule produces a lot more disrupted units, which I like.

Yes. Seems it'd make it more realistic (?) and more interesting.

>Worrying about moving them away from enemy stacks adds another dimension,
which feels like troop morale and seems realistic to me

Yes. Well said.

>I appreciate the 'stories' of the individual units -
which can be more heroic if they are more able to survive.

Yes, very good point. RW units were usually not wiped out in one battle. They'd be reduced in strength, and thus morale, and need time to get back to strength. Hmm, you could even have disrupted units roll dice each turn to return to effectiveness, instead of being disrupted one turn. That way you'd often be asking whether the soandso lancers had regrouped, or were still "guarding the rear". Leaders could be still "leading from behind" without you knowing when they'd be ready for action again. The enemy would also not know much beforehand whether his planned assault would have an easy walk thru demoralized guys or encounter stiff resistance from recently regrouped units.


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