AW: Disrupted Spirits/Cyberboard Gamebox

From: <buserian>
Date: Sat Jun 9 18:55:36 2007

Hey All,

> >I appreciate the 'stories' of the individual units -
> which can be more heroic if they are more able to survive.
> Yes, very good point. RW units were usually not wiped out in one
> They'd be reduced in strength, and thus morale, and need time to get
back to
> strength. Hmm, you could even have disrupted units roll dice each turn
> return to effectiveness, instead of being disrupted one turn. That way
> often be asking whether the soandso lancers had regrouped, or were
> "guarding the rear". Leaders could be still "leading from behind"
> you knowing when they'd be ready for action again. The enemy would also
> know much beforehand whether his planned assault would have an easy
> thru demoralized guys or encounter stiff resistance from recently
> units.

Adds an additional level of complication to the game, though -- something of a surprise coming from you, who usually want to reduce the number of die rolling that is done. Plus, it adds an increasing element of luck to the game -- if I tend to roll dice unluckily, it will just take longer to un-Disrupt my troops. Thus, in a game of this scale, I'd rather see them all Disrupt in the same timeframe.

Besides, what you are talking about IS already part of the game, anyway -- Reinforcements. If the Soandso Lancers have been _eliminated_, but then I call them as Reinforcements a couple of turns (= days) later, then perhaps they were simply so scattered that it took a few extra turns for them to reform.



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