From: Joerg Baumgartner <>
Date: Tue, 29 Jul 97 23:54 MET DST

Nikk Effingham

>Joerg Bautmater (on the classification of the the Arkati generals):


>>IMO a confusion on the part of Mike Dawson or more likely his Gloranthan
>>alter ego classifying the Stygians,

>More than likely. However, it is in ToTRM and ToTRM is (semi-)official.

Well, looking into official material, these three names appear only with the date tag 1049/1050 attached. Semi-officially I could (and will) write them as purely beginning 3rd Age characters (ok, they were around in the last years of the 2nd Age) in Tradetalk, without breaking a sweat. Mike's article is about various forms of Henotheism, and quite likely the historical three rivals took such stances as formulated by him. Only later, after the God Learner interdict vs. Stygian churches was broken...

>Since it is not overpoweringly dangerous to my campaign I would prefer to
>work it into the background than claim Mike is wrong, after all in doing so
>I will probably add a certain amount of depth to the lands of Otkorion.

IMO they came from different parts of Ralios. One likely from northwestern Ralios, i.e. around Otkorion. Another should be based around Naskorion, IMO, leaving the third anywhere else.

[My ideas how, if at all, they could be both contemporaries of Arkat and leaders in 1049 deleted - this was to provide an alternative explanation to fit the official facts]

>Perhaps. Maybe there were other generals, whose hiding places were
>discovered and they were slain, maybe others are trapped still in Statham
>Well with Arkat???

IMO most generals/companions of Arkat ended up dead, or at least mortally wounded. Statham Well could well be his private recluse, without any companions.

>A whole story could be written about it.... Valsatar
>would probably hide in the Northern Orlanthi lands, hidden by his friendly
>Humakti. Goriant probably hid in the HeroPlane, as he has a Hero Cult, maybe
>in Humakt's Lodge. Mabodinarne would, IMO, find an ironic hiding place in
>the Jrusteli themselves -- his staunch belief in the Creator, and his
>disdaining of Heretical ways, combined with his lenient beliefs of
>Malkionism would allow him to easily hide in the Jrusteli Empire itself.

I'd prefer to have each of them pass away at some location in Ralios.

>Probably lots of people claim/pretend to be the three generals.

Or inspired by them, among other Stygian leaders.

>>Ingo and I are currently trying to figure out some of the details of this
>>process. IMO the three rivals are a leaders from this era, and I have the
>>suspicion that at least one of them is from a God Learner tradition...

>Please tell me more......

We're preparing something on Naskorion for Tradetalk. Still working on it...

Arkati Cults

Essentially, you can produce whatever aspect of Arkat you want, and detail that. If the character is from Safelster, his spiritual home will likely be the Old Arkat Kult Alliance, in one of many different Arkat cults.

As far as I'm concerned, these cults come as pagan hero-cults, saint-subcults of a Henotheist or Stygian sect, or as complete sect. Each limited to small numbers of adherents - 10,000 would be extremely large, 200 seems most likely.

Arkat the Destroyer could be the aspect which laid Dorastor waste (before it was reawakened by the God Learner idiots who were trapped by Ralzakark). His ability to blast a land and tear down buildings would make him a handy cult for all-out warfare.

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