Northeast DP in the 1300s

From: Daniel McCluskey (Volt Computer) <"Daniel>
Date: Thu, 13 Nov 1997 09:48:15 -0800

I've got a few obscure questions for y'all...

I'm Investigating the Sazdorf tribe as it would have been in the 1300s, and have decided to see if "them who knows" can fill in some details before I start making things up out of whole cloth.

  1. Humakt's Hill -- Anyone know any stories, background, or sources that mention this Landmark? It appears to be within Sazdorf territory at this time, and (of course) leads me to question 2
  2. Did the Sazdorf Trolls have a Humakt connection BEFORE the whole Temple of the Wooden Sword episode? I kinda like the Idea, but I was wondering if the idea had come up before, and what the consensus is...
  3. Was Vagarmic(sp) Eye-Necklace a Sazdorf Hero? I had always assumed that he was Kitori... but given that Kajak-ab Braineater is specifically mentioned in Haunted Ruins as an enemy of the Sazdorf, and V E-N is famed for fighting her, so it seems likely that he would be from that Tribe...
  4. Is there anything else I ought to know (That I can't directly pillage from the Seattle Farmer's Collective ;-) about the Region/Time Period. I have Enclosure and Korol's Saga, and can wheedle most of the Taming of Dragon Pass info from Jeff, but am interested in any other Arcana that I might be missing.

Thanks in advance,

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