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From: Lewis Jardine <>
Date: Mon, 24 Nov 1997 13:41:44 +0000

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Hi All

To dispell any confusion caused by the incorrect email address for me on the Convivium Website and to also allow any interested parties to sign on now.

Here is the long awaited Convulsion 4 flier in emailable form. The return form is in simple space formatted ASCII text so this should print out properly and be easy to fill in and return. By all means send me email returns, but please note that our bank does not accept email cheques...



                         The Next Generation

                       College Hall, Leicester
                       24th to 26th July, 1998

                 England, the final gaming frontier.  
            This is the continuing Convention that boldly
            goes where no convention has gone before.

                       This episode features:

                           Greg Stafford
                 as the legendary Glorathan commander 
                      (with all his own hair)

                          Sandy Petersen
                  as the Cthuloid Science Officer 
                    (with none of his own hair)

                         Michael O'Brien
                   as the MGF lovable tribble 
           (hairsuit or hirsute, that is the question)


                Gasp at the decadent splendour of 
             The Life of Moonson Gloranthan freeform.

             How many Quatloos will the gamesters bet 
             on the winner of the Mythos tournament?  

        Find out which of the security team will not return 
          from the next mission to the Cthulhu homeworld.

        Find out all the latest gossip from planet Chaosium.


               Book now to avoid disappointment!  

This is an action-packed and fully interactive programme with: freeforms, seminars, panels, free gaming, tournaments, singing, eating, drinking, the Auction, and every other decadent pleasure your mind can imagine (and your body can perform), all packed into a tense and fast-paced weekend. Events commence on Friday evening, and the Con formally closes on Sunday evening (though there are "informal" last-night social events afterwards).

                 What the critics said:
   "I've never had a Convulsion like it" - Sad Trekkie Monthly
       "Makes Voyager look like an epic" - The Lonely Lozenge

The Convention is limited to 250 places. Rooms at the Convention will cost:

and include a hearty English breakfast with that special regional delicacy - fried bread. However, we only require a 10 ukp (nonrefundable)  deposit now.

There will be a nominal charge for the larger freeform games, to to cover the printing costs, graft and suchlike.

In order to sponsor the trip for Greg, Sandy and MOB we have created the Teelo Norri Poor Box, for which we will gratefully accept any donations (either money or games to be sold at the auction).

Because of licensing laws, attendance is limited to those who will be 18 or over at the time of the Convention. There is no admission on the door, so please book as soon as possible to guarantee your place. Return the form below to:

  Lewis Jardine

      43 Windermere
              SN3 6JZ

           United Kingdom


 Name: ___________________________    Membership Information:

 Badge Name: _____________________    Residential      [ ] (20 ukp)

 Address: ________________________    Non-Residential  [ ] (30 ukp)

 _________________________________    Room Deposit     [ ] (10 ukp)

 _________________________________    (non refundable)

 Postcode: _______________________    Teelo Norri Poor Box:

 Telephone: ______________________    ________________________ ukp
 Email: __________________________    (thank you kindly Guv'nor)
 I would like to run the following       I enclose a cheque/PO for: 
 game/event: _____________________    ________________________ ukp

 _________________________________    Made payable to "Convulsion"


 Special Requirements (food etc.): I will be over 18

 _________________________________    on the 24th July 1998.

 _________________________________    I agree to have my membership 

 Signature: ______________________    information stored on a 

 Date:____________________________    computer database. 


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