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Date: Fri, 5 Dec 1997 16:48:03 -0600

     Ther have been a lot of interesting comments on Yanafal; so I will add a little more. The peole who follow Yanafal via the Seven Mothers look more like Humakti than the one in the Red Army.

     In the provinces, he is the most, generally available 'Lunar' wargod, and his similarities to Humakti (quite marked) helps bolster his acceptance.

     The officers in the Red Armay are mostly (vergig on all) members of YT for a different reason; he teaches them the things they need to know to be good officers. Yanafal was the 'Duke' of Yuthuppa for the Carmanians before politacl rifts forced him out. Without diverting into politics and history, this means that he can ( and does) teach things about ruling and leading. (This stuff is also available througn Queen Deezola, natch).

     Yanafal Tar'nils will teach officers about Strategy & Tactics, Military Law & Discipline, How to Inspect the Men, etc. No one is forced to join the cult; it's just silly not to. Not joining is a social black mark, unless you have a really good reason. It also causes your fellow officers (and legionaires)  to have less than total confidence in your abilities....

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