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From: Richard Ohlson <richo_at_epix.net>
Date: Wed, 17 Dec 1997 21:51:04 -0500

danm said something to the effect of:

> These "Packs" could also be rated by "complexity" with the easier to
> understand and play cultures (Sartar, Sun County, and Praxian Nomad ?) as
> "entry level" offerings, and successively more advanced offerings for people
> more accustomed to the world (Lunars, Trolls, Holy Country, (chaos??), etc)

I strongly support this. Having a self contained "culture in a box" would make it MUCH easier to start and continue a campaign then having to wade through six rule books and a couple of magazines to figure out what the cultural weapons of Ralios-Orlanthi are.

And since they would be using the same rules, the Game master could secretly go out and get the "Crazy Praxian Nomad" stuff, and abuse his players with stuff they "Just Don't Understand". But, if he's a poor jerk like me, and really doesn't care about the west(anymore, that is...) he can just ignore it, not let any PC's get passage to the west, and more or less divert 'em until they are so wrapped up in creating a new king of Sartar that they forget about it.

For the record, I think that one of the best play aids I've seen for any RPG are the old, "What my father told me" bits. I just wish that they had made more complete GM packs for the major regions. You know, names of tribes/clans, etc. The stuff that we can probably wing, but there's if it's possible, I'd rather be comparing Apples to Apples if I'm begging other GM's for hooks, campaign suggestions, etc.

Ooh...got too long. It looks like the "stop the line a couple inches before you hit the end of the line" trick is working. ;-)

Rich Ohlson

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