About the Eurmali and guerilla warfare

From: Mikko Rintasaari <rintasaa_at_mail.student.oulu.fi>
Date: Fri, 30 Jan 1998 09:30:58 +0200 (EET)

> >Wouldn't the Eurmali be prone to use [guerilla warfare]?...
                                       ...This of course assuming that the 

> >Eurmali are much more than just a bunch of thieves and tricksters and are
> >actually beneficial to society (which they must be - right?).

Oh ye of little faith. The Way of us Eurmali may be a bit hard to understand for you rigid, stone dead types, but let me tell you...   Seriously... You propably haven't read many trickster stories, have you? Think about Loki, or the chinise Monkey God. Trickster _is_ one of the strongest-, parhaps _the_ strongest power in the universe. In itself it's compleatly erratic, of course. Still... think about the myriad aspects of Eurmals "religion". There are thieves, assasins, horrors, jesters and of course you can propably count in the numerous village idiots.   We know that there are Lightbringer Eurmali, and I think this is the bunch you want. Lightbinger eurmali are a semiofficial part of the orlanthi society, and they have no love for the Empire. They are also about as sane as the Eurmali get.

Actually I think the RQ/Glorantha material takes a very simplified view of the Eurmali. As a mystical system being a trickster is about as easy as being illuminated, and there are more than few similarities too: The trickster is everywhere, and he has done everything. Being a trickster means you are constantly thinking in an unusual angle, and preferrably try the ideas out immediately. Still, as with every mystical system you can try to take what you want, and avoid the rest. An eurmali who manages not to lose himself in a world gone mad is quite powerful (check out the spells for instace, but that is a _very_ limited and boring way to look at the powers of Trickster)

Eurmal can open any lock, and fool any guard. He/She can seduce the enemy commander (and his/her horse :) ) or do almost anything else needed. The task needs to be daring, "impossible" or some other interesting thing, tough.
  Of course most tricksters end up really dead really fast, when thair luck runs out... kind of like the flip side of their reality bending, but that's why you need some enlightened self criticism. Being a sane Eurmali is a bit like being constantly on a Arkatian HQ. If you go on a regular Eurmali HQ something bad will propably happen to you in the end... you will propably die in an amusing way. You have to be aware of your relationship with the universe and know when to duck, so to speak.   So... yes. An eurmali can bother the local garrison to no end, but remember that they don't actually work in groups. They are individuals... hmm... maby a smart orlanthi priest could convince Eurmal (the God) to take a stand against the Lunars... that would propably effect at least the subconscious tendencies of most eurmali.

More on Eurmal later, if people are interested...

        -Mikko Rintasaari, the Trickster Adept

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