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From: Nick Brooke <>
Date: Thu, 5 Feb 1998 04:38:09 -0500

Oliver suggests a crowd of baboons looting the ancient Cradle. Definitely! And play the music, too!!

Stephen wrote:

> I don't understand this reference -- could you elaborate on this?
> I assume you mean Homer the Greek?

No, Homer Simpson actually...

Tripods were valuable ritual objects in archaic/Mycenean Greek times. People gave them to each other as treasures, donated them to temples (I hate to think how many tripods the Oracle at Delphi must have had stacked away in its storage-rooms), demanded them as compensation, etc.

When we consider that the Gold Wheel Dancers could well have been three-legged, and that they created or inspired the use of currency (and add to that my *heretical* notion that this was because people in the Dawn Ages used the bodies of dead Gold Wheel Dancers as coin, contributing to their extinction :-), the thought that before all the legs broke off the earliest Gloranthan coinage was *tripedal* is, well, strangely attractive... :-)

Nice parallel between Cwim and the Gold Wheel Dancers, BTW: now we have to work out who it was that "merged" the Giant Baby and his "pilot" into this monstrous chaotic form...

Onto the horses:

Is it possible that in the space of 160 years the Pure Horse People (or a clan or tribe thereof) might ally with the Jrusteli for clear economic benefits, despite having originally moved to Prax at the behest of the EWF? I think so. Glorantha isn't one of those fossil fantasy worlds where time stands still between Dark Lord Invasions. It'd take a pretty good reason to explain why the Horse People would *refuse* the offer of alliance with the Jrusteli and plunder from Robcradle -- especially when we remember the Goldentongues among the Jrusteli, well able to present a good bargain. "Thanax the Fair", was it? Sounds like a merchant's soubriquet to me: Honest Gordon, Gringle Goodsell, Fair Thanax...


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