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From: Nikk Effingham <>
Date: Tue, 10 Mar 1998 15:51:00 GMT

Paul W. Stolar:

>2. Is there 'air' in hell?
>3. What did the trolls in Godtime breathe?
>4. Are these questions just things that we should accept as part of
>the myth?

Ahah! I have a God Learner answer for you, at the very least. No-one breathed anything in the Godtime, not anything. Not even the plants. Of course, you could still Drown and Suffocate, but this was different - for instance, when a man fell into a river he drowned not because of the lack of Air but because the River God willed that he should Drown. In the same fashion, Fire burnt because the Fire Spirit Willed that it should burn and it could always be convinced otherwise if you knew what a fire spirit wanted.

So, no there was no air in Hell and no need for Trolls to breath it. It was only with the coming of the Great Compromise, and the creation of a true "natural" set of laws, that the Air Gods demanded that Air be part of the Cycle of Life. In the same fashion, all fire burns, all water drowns, and all creatures grow hungry and thirsty.

I do not think there is air in Hell. But this doesn't mean that HeroQuesters need to take Oxygen masks, as when they arrive there they are on the HeroPlane and thusly are not bound by the Laws of Nature and Time.

All IMO,

Nikk E.
Nikk Effingham

     "If absolute power corrupts absolutely
           Where does that leave God?"
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