Great Trolls n' Fire

From: Erik Sieurin <>
Date: Tue, 24 Mar 1998 18:15:45 +0100

You know that troll restaurant chain (Grumbleguts? Izzat it?) whose menu you get when you buy Trollpak?

Read that menu. I'll wait.

Ready? OK. Did you notice something peculiar? A lot of the food is boiled or fried or battered. To prepare food in such a way, you need a:

FIRE! This means the chain is run by a strange brotherhood of fire-worshipping troll sorcerers (=3Dcooks)!

Who controls 'em? Anyone?

A new, scary conspiracy theory. Which troll would say no to a free meal at Grumbleguts (or whatever)? Who knows what the horrible sorcerer-chefs put in the drinks (except for the horrible things that are _supposed_ to be found in troll drinks, of course).

And to completely change subject, I must really complete that article on dwarven weaponry...

Erik Sieurin, who always gets hungry when he reads that menu (!), and yes, it scares him

PS. Enormous kudos to Mr Meints for pointing out the foibles of Deendeephobia! Hey, I had _fun_ playing that game! I still get attacks of nostalgia and wish to do it now and then, but try as you might to get someone to play with. Older players wont touch it with an eleven-foot pole, and younger players go for Vampire instead... (deep sigh) DS

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