Malkioni Orthodoxy

From: Peter Metcalfe <>
Date: Mon, 11 May 1998 22:01:43 +1200 (NZST)

Julian Lord:

Me>>The Brithini are not orthodox westerners anymore than jews
>>are orthodox christians.

>This is an invalid comparison. Brithini ARE westerners,
>but jews AREN'T christians. AFAIK.

The comparison is perfectly valid. The Brithini differ as much from orthodox westerners as jews do from christians.

If we are to describe the Brithini as Orthodox, we would be defining the mainstream Malkioni churches (Rokari, Hrestoli and Sedalpists) as heterodox which is a most unsatisfactory state of affairs IMO.

Bill Thompson:

>IMO I call the Brithini "Orthodox because they have a tradition of
>worship that stretches back to the Kingdom of Logic.

The key factoid that I would emphasize here is that the mainstream Malkioni also have this same tradition that stretches back to the Kingdom of Logic. The Brithini and the Malkioni Churches are really sibling creeds rather than the Brithini being ancestral to the Malkioni.

>I think that the New Hrestol Way is a movement that began
>before Hrestol's death with his band of followers and continued after his

I do not believe that the New Hrestol Way were the only followers of Hrestol's truths. IMO the Serpent Kings did as well.

One could argue that the New Hrestol Way were the True Followers of Hrestol in the same sense that Bolsheviks & Communists were the True Followers of Marx and that everyone else who claimed to be doing so were naught but wicked heretics. But I would emphasize that this would only be found in NHW propoganda rather than be an objective truth.

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