Ruled by Godlearners?

From: Weihe, David <>
Date: Fri, 19 Nov 1999 19:16:17 -0500

> The Godlearners didn't need to necessarily rule the Orlanthi
> to take over their myths

True, if you mean "effect" them, replacing a few minor cast members or minor villains. If someone thinks that there are NO effects left from the Godlearners, they are probably as wrong as you are, for thinking that major gods are naught but Godlearner creations fooling the poor, stupid Orlanthi barbarians for their vanished creators.

OTOH, who really cares that the wrong Raccoon is now guarding The Bridge in the Orlanth Whiles Away An Afternoon myth that teaches fathers how to teach their sons the joy of fishing? Or that some other minor myths are now consolidated into one?

Anyway, the Godlearners have had nowhere near the lasting effects on common mythologies that the World Council of Friends and its successors had. Where do you think all those pesky "aspects" came from, anyway?

> Indeed, isn't there a statement somewhere to the effect that the
> Godlearners were surprised to discover that deities they created (and
> Orlanth is cited as one such deity) were independent to the point of
> ultimately fighting against the Godlearners?

That was their specially-modified versions, most familiar as those still worshipped in modern (ie, 1600s AT) Umathela, and once worshipped by tame "Orlanthi" tribes in the Middle Seas Empire (much like the "tame" Orlanthi in the Lunar Provinces, perhaps?) as an act of submission or loyalty like worshipping Caesar in the Roman Provinces. Worlath, Ehilm, and the like. None are as complicated as their ancient equivalents. Originally, they were like RQ2 descriptions without any underlying mythic complexity, just as the Roman gods had no myths that weren't copies of Greek or Etruscian equivalents. Even today, they will seem too simple and "Just So"ish.

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