From: Tim <Tim_at_edonaris.screaming.net>
Date: Fri, 3 Dec 1999 01:35:29 -0000

Hmmm. pushing on with this now.. past 1400...! My tribal King was forced to resign, without me being able to see why, really.. (Low Leadership score??)

I am an Orlanthi War clan, and yet have NO Odaylans, Elmali, Uraldans...

1 Humakti, 1 Vingan (she used to be a Humakti, but failed the Humakti HQ), 1 Issarian, 1 trickster, 2 LM, 2 (?3) Barntari, and about 4 CA ! oh. and 5 ish Ernaldans...

And I have 51 nobles.... hmm!

Also, every time I send explorers out, the Humakti kill them.. tried gifting them, with 100 goods and more, even did the issaries the Conciliator Quest for them.. and they STILL kill my explorers... Am (frankly) getting a bit fed up of it.... (and so, it seems are my clan.... their mood is "grim"... and the Shamans keep hassling me to achieve my destiny.. how, when I am not Tribal King...)

Grrr... so.... nice background, nice artwork.. not convinced entirely about the game play aspects right now....


PS Vinga is called a Grand daughter of Orlanth in KoDP - and there are LOTS of pics with red headed warrior women in!

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