More thoughts on Pendragon Pass Virtues...

From: GAZZA <>
Date: Mon, 20 Dec 1999 18:25:53 +0800

Firstly, I must confess I was wrong about the "Ancestor Worshippers can't have other cults", since that was a Cults of Prax reference that (appears) to have been dropped from GoG. (Much like there aren't any priests of Humakt anymore - just Swords).

As far as the virtues go, I must confess that I don't entirely use the Pendragon list. Specifically, I think Pious/Worldly is inappropriate to Glorantha. It SEEMS to make sense at first - certainly some characters are more pious than others - but if you consider that (one of) the major points to the Traits is to demonstrate faith in a deity (perhaps to the extent of getting some sort of reward for virtue), then it's clear (to me, at least) that NO deity would reward impiety. And besides, one god's pious is another god's worldly; the Uroxi, for example, drink and wench heavily, but for them piety is solely "how much Chaos have you killed LATELY?" - of course, though, their actions would not be appropriate for a Yelmalion.

I use Nikk Effingham's Passions instead to reflect this. It seems more appropriate.
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