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From: James Frusetta <>
Date: Tue, 16 May 2000 02:31:49 +0200

Douglas Seay asked, a while back, about run-ins with trolls:

People answered this better than I can. (My ideas about proper Sartarite-Uz relations are definitely pre-Tax Slaughter). A couple of suggestions, however:
As Trotsky noted, not all run-ins are violent. There's lots of room for trade (which still gives you lots of violent run-ins, of course, with the uz you don't trade with); Storm Bulls palling about with their Zorak Zoran co-psychotics; etc. Depending on if IYG uz are rare and mysterious, or occasionally known to deal with humans. Torkani work great for this, as noted.

Even better, once the <ptui!> Lunars show up, Sartar is in for some real fun. The Loonies (at least IMG) are trying to woo uz favor, and so the Sartar rebels are either faced with stronger and more frequent uz raids (since the local military has been run down, and the Loonies aren't bothered if uz liberate a few sheep and calves from the Stormies) or trying to woo favor by keeping a *few* of the ravaging bands of Orlanth-the-Murderous-Thieving-Bastard worshippers at home and not rampaging around trying to invade Dagori Inkarth and kill poor trolls (screaming "Bladger!" at everything that moves).

So a big change in human-uz dynamics can be an interesting theme in local Sartar life.

Greg wrote:
> I've just read the two HW demo adventures "The Hound Tower" and
> "Sheeplless Nights" on <snip>
> They are not "mythic". I've explained to a lot of people that HW is
> a marvellous game, that you play heros, that you can make great
> quest and...

Hopefully, Issaries will have stuff to suit every taste -- I know they have more demo adventures to put online, since I sent in one Greg accepted. (Though, sadly, he said most people would want their stinking human adventurers to survive the uz onslaught, the bastards, and edited it accordingly.)

I like the grubby little adventures, personally, rather than the Heroic Miffic WorldSpanning Stuff.

I for one hope to see Issiares put a good number of scenarios and such on the web, since (from what I understand) scenario books aren't particularly good sellers. Having them free, on-line, in a central location is a good call.

MOB notes in passing:
> and what a yurt is.

Speaking of which, in the Endless Vague Lingustics quest, I ran into a Kazakh acquaintance of mine on Saturday who said that, yes, "Yurt" is a term for that tent (not camp) in most of Central Asia (but may not be for Mongols, he noted, since he claimed that he can't make head nor tails of Mongolian), and that AFAHK, yes, you can take one of them down in a couple of hours, although "these" days people who still use them (and there are a few) tend to "settle down" and their yurts are a bit tougher to take apart.

He did say, at some length, that anyone interested in this stuff was probably barking mad. ;) I get the impression this is the stuff that the Kazakhi version of Boy Scouts or Red Pioneers or whatever have to learn over the summers...

"BJM10" trolled through again:
> No index, two strikes.

I suspect this will be on-line quite soon, given that Stephen Martin did a bit of indexing previously. From what I understand, there's a ton of optional rules and whatnot that will be on-line as well. I'd prefer the stuff in print, myself, since I'm going to have to start a new 3-ring binder for all the "extra" HW stuff, but...

> Three strikes. YEROUTTAHERE!!!!!!!

To be nasty: Look, the freaking book has been released after Way Too Long. I for one am not going to tear Greg a new cornchute for silly-ass typos that *should* have been caught. Be happy the game seems to be coming along, and maybe spend half the time doing something to help it (write demo adventures, put in a proposed topic for a book, write a fanzine article) you are sniping.


Given, actually, how many people are annoyed with Greg for one thing or another, I say the next GloranthaCon should have a "Greg in the Dunk Tank" event. Line up, buy a couple balls for a couple of bucks. Just imagine the long line of people, and the screams of "This is for putting in ducks!" "Blank lands THIS!" and "I got your Elmal right here!" He's sitting on a gold mine. Get a few Digest luminaries to sit in for an hour or so, and the next few expansions are paid for.

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