Re: More on Nandan

From: Andrew Larsen <>
Date: Sun, 24 Sep 2000 00:41:32 -0500

Since the list has been discussing Nandan so much, I thought I'd toss out another idea on him.

    Perhaps Nandan doesn't just offer men access to Ernaldan magic. Perhaps he is a cult through which men gain access to earth magic in general, including all the Earth goddess. As a youth, he is the boon companion of Vinga. As an adult, he is the servant of Ernalda. As an old man, he is the husband of Asrelia (like the old couple who constantly argue with each other). His cult allows a separate path for men who choose the feminine, domestic route, rather than simply being a cult resorted to in the rare moments when a tribe has no fertile women.

Andrew E. Larsen

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