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<< Could it be that minotaurs are nandanic by nature? I always visualize them as
 males (though there are also cows). And could it be, that these big agressive
 beastmen were actually excellent midwives sometimes sought by daring humans?    

 What do you people think? >>

I like it. I too picture Minotaur as male. Female Minotaurs with great big udders would probably look silly. I'm not sure they are all devotees of Nandan. Indeed, I am not entirely sure that this would be the 'true' story in my Glorantha but it has merits.

BTW I also like the concept of a 'family'/'bloodline'/'household*' of Nandaners.
*(string me up for inappropriate use of any of these terms). In Glorantha though I am led to believe that humans who take up the worship of Darkness to too gtreat an extent will become trolls so I wonder what the end result of too much Nandaning would be?

Finally, I agree with Philip Hibbs (I think) who cannot see the use of Nandan as a PC cult. Until we get some 'must give birth to save the day' scenarios (which are certainly not impossible) written h remains an oddity. An oddity that could be fun though. I don't think anyone suggested there being Nandans in every clan. I would put them on a level of a couple (or perhaps the weird family) in the whole of Dragon Pass.

Keith N

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