From: Peter Mcaveney <>
Date: 27 Sep 00 11:53:48 EDT

David Dunham writes:
> A quick look at the encyclopedia reveals that New York state, where I
> grew up, is colder than Scotland in winter (supposedly average
> January is above freezing for goodness sake!).

Ah, the wonders of North American weather extremes, Calcutta-style summers and Scandinavian winters. This BTW is the real reason Americans pioneered ladies' trousers, sportswear, and other non-European clothing styles. Yet, American women still wear skirts and dresses in almost any weather. Only when there is unshoveled snow on the ground does pants-wearing become universal.

I have personally worn kilts at LARP events well into the teeth of November without discomfort. As long as your torso is warm your limbs will be fine, unless the temperature drops below freezing and you run into frostbite problems. In that kind of weather, on the other hand, you also have to worry about fingers, noses, and ears. Any sensible Sartarite - male or female - would change their clothing style in Dark season if they leave the stead at all. Kilt wearing could be an Orlanthi all (85%) ...

David Dunham writes:
> Iceland's coast is
> slightly colder still. No kilts there!

Yes, but Icelanders aren't Celtic. Their ancestors migrated from even colder places.

Pete McAveney, of Granby, Massachusetts, USA

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