Trouble with the gods

From: Peter Larsen <>
Date: Wed, 27 Sep 2000 22:07:25 -0700

Peter Metcalfe reports:

>Greg was pretty definite at Victoria, that if you are in the land
>of the dead, then you are dead.

        Can't argue with that, I suppose.... Thanks for the rest of it, though, it's food for thought.

guy hoyle makes some good points

>The gods,
>living outside of History, have trouble understanding and communicating with
>beings who live inside the veil of Time; they do not think in words, as
>humans do. All of Gloranthan mythology is an attempt by humans to
>understand the truth about the Universe and their place in it

        Possibly the best answer to my stumbling blocks.

and Alex Ferguson comments

>(Come to that, what would a wavering doubter
>be doing, asking at all?) What sort of answer do you think He might
>be likely to give? And how Objectively Accurate do you think deities
>can be held to be on the topic of their own cosmological significance?

        Both the devout worshipper and the waverer can ask for reassurance, can't they? Gods who can't answer their worshippers needs stop being worshipped, I would think. Lastly, who else would know a god's place. Anyway, I have serious troubles with this, but I hadn't realized that it was old road; I'll drop it. Thanks regardless.

Peter Larsen

End of The Glorantha Digest V8 #25

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