Re: Dragon Pass Climate

From: Al Petterson <>
Date: Thu, 28 Sep 2000 13:59:07 -0700

> wrote:

> Surely bits of the mountain ranges around the Pass are much higher?
> Highest 'lowland' bit perhaps? I always imagined it was a bit like
> England, but that's because I live here. Greg probably imagines it as
> California, with extreme winters for added Storm Fun.

Well, um. California has pretty diverse climate. (It's the size of France, and at least as varied.) California has mountains and deserts and coastline and plains that go from subtropical to temperate. I doubt DP was envisioned to be much like the Bay Area, where Greg and Chaosium and Issaries are. The Bay is in general foggy and 12C, or sunny and 25C. I would figure more extreme temperature and less humidity for DP.

I personally have treated DP as somewhat like a severe-weather year in the Sierra Nevada foothills (but that might in turn be because I used to live there).

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