Re: The Terra Digest V8 #28

From: Roderick and Ellen Robertson <>
Date: Thu, 28 Sep 2000 19:55:25 -0700

> The Terra Digest wrote:
> > 2. Do not include large sections of a message in your reply. Especially
> > not to add "Verily, I agree" or "Orlanth's Balls, I disagree." Or be
> > excoriated.
> > If someone writes something good and you want to say "the Blessing of
> > God(s) be on that post"
> > please do. But don't include the whole message you praise.

The Blessing of the Gods be on that post.

It was real enough (and we'd just had what looked like most of a digest posted today) that I was in the process of blowing it off and growling about "jerks on the digest" - but then the title hit me (Okay, I first thought that someone was twitting TERRA INCOGNITA, but...).

Well done!


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