Up Kilts, Future of the Digest

From: Gary R Switzer <gswitzer_at_loop.com>
Date: Fri, 29 Sep 2000 15:42:55 -0700

I've enjoyed the Weather in Sartar thread, but I have to wonder; will the release of Sartar Rising or Thunder Rebels then effectively foreclose any further debate? Where will the Digest be in two years once all this new canonical material has been released? Or do we just move to more and more esoteric subjects?

I personally favor the practical over the theoretical (like when I asked for details of actual in-game marriage arrangements, like those of Theya Two-Mothers during the Exogamous thread) but many seem to prefer the "Which is the real sun" kind of thing.

Solar: "That's Yelm."
Orlanthi: "Bollocks, that's Elmal!"
(Brief, but violent interlude)
Winner: "Right, that settles that!"
Loser (on way to Hell): "I still say it's *****!"

Oh, btw, I liked the idea of whoever suggested that Nandan is an aspect of Uleria. Not nearly enough male Ulerians, sez I.

Gary R Switzer
Aero Hobbies

Stuffed Quail, in the Avarnia fashion:
Traditionally served every Full Moon:

1 cup bread crumbs
2 strips bacon, sauteed crisp and crumbled Handfull of chopped celery or other greens 1 cup broth made from quail innerds
1 strip bacon for each quail.
6-8 quail (Lunarized Rinliddi will always serve 7) Butter
1/2 cup good white wine

Mix crumbs, crumbled bacon and celery with 1/2 cup broth for stuffing. Wrap each bird with one slice bacon and hold in place with string or toothpicks. Place in a buttered pot. Add wine and roast uncovered until done. Add remaining broth if more liquid is needed.

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