FW: Cold?

From: Bernuetz.Oliver_at_cbsc.ic.gc.ca
Date: Mon, 2 Oct 2000 11:06:00 -0400

Dom Twist said :

>Of course wind chill is a huge factor also. In
>the higher bits of Scotland (Ben Nevis, the Cairngorm Plateau) conditions
>are found that are more severe than anywhere outside of the Antartic/Artic
>Circle or the High Himalayas. In the Highlands night time lows can be VERY
>low...having slept out in a tent in -40 Centigrade (without windchill) in a
>valley which before the Highland clearences was a major population centre I
>have a great deal of respect for the Highland Clans.

Umm, no offense but I think you might need a bit of a refresher on geography.
I live in a city (Winnipeg) that's south of Moscow and Reykjavik (a long way from the Arctic Circle and very far away from any mountains and it occasionally
reaches -40 Celsius in the winter without the windchill (with the windchill - -40 is
a lot more common). A great deal of this province (and in fact this country) is south of the Arctic Circle and a lot of it gets that cold in the winter.

You have to admire the First Nations of this country because most of them spent the winter in those sorts of temperatures in tents! (Of course the Inuit
spent the winter in igloos).

I'm hoping that any weather information in HW supplements will be like those found in the old Pavis box with real temperature ranges given as opposed to subjective terms like cold and hot.

Oliver D. Bernuetz (who's enjoying staying out of a subjective/objective argument for a change).

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