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Date: Thu, 5 Oct 2000 02:28:59 +0300

:> Mikko Rintasaari:
:> Wait a tension-popping-minute here. I never meant anything about moral
:> or even ethical truths. Morals and ethics are complex and largely
:> subjective topics, and most deliciously so in Glorantha.
:> What I want to know is the metaphysics. Physics of Glorantha, if you
:> will. I wan't to know as much as I can about the underlying reality
:> under the myths and the mostali theories.
:Which do you want, physics or metaphysics? And if the answer is
:'both', at least be clear about the distinction. Physics is what
:the Inner World does, and can be agreed on by all parties, given
:sufficient time, stress pills, and padding on the walls. Metaphysics
:is in such hot dispute that it's been flatly stated by the Powers
:that they're no mutually compatible.

Glorantha is a magical world, where raw willpower and observer effect shape reality much more readily than in our own Terra. Physics and Metaphysics are both about finding out how the world funcions. I don't see that much difference between them. Physical phenomenan rise from metaphysical causes ultimately (especially on Glorantha).

:> I think the ultimate reality of Glorantha is impossible for a mortal
:> (or immortal) Gloranthan to understand. The belief systems of
:> Gloranthan religions and cultures are valuable (and not flawed) in that
:> they offer a working model for the people to interact and make sense of
:> the world around them.
:> I as the GM, still need to understand what makes Glorantha tick behind
:> the scenes. I need to know both things, the belief system of the
:> individual and the underlying mechanics of Gloranthan reality.
:Such as what? Can you give me a sample "resolving mechanic" of any
:of the sorts of topic we've been discussing? What _is_ the ultimate
:nature of the sun, the place in the world and moral value of chaos,

Moral value of pretty much averything is cultural and subjective. Ultimate nature of the Sun is unfortunately still somewhat murky to me. We know the apparent details (how it travels across the sky during the day, is absent for the night, and seems to be just about the most constant and reliable phenomenon on Glorantha), and I have done my best to deduce what forces rise from (or are assosiated with) the Sun rune.

My guess (view) is that Yelm is the God of the actual Sun above. There are many Solar gods, but their nature is a bit murky after Godtime. Worship of the sungods propably strengthens the sun in general terms (in addition to the worshipped God). But this is parhaps the single most difficult topic for me, and I would dearly like to know what Greg is really thinking about this.

:It doesn't seem reasonable to me to have pre-packed Ultimate
:Truths that are unavailable in the game world; if we did have them,
:it would for me cheapen trying to get inside the heads of the poor saps
:that are labouring under some inferior perception product.

*non believing stare* Really? Personally I think it would make for better gamemastering and lessen the number of gray hairs I get thinking of the prezel that is the Sun of Glorantha.

Cultures are subjective, but worlds aren't. The GM should know.


I think I think... Therefore I think I am.

End of The Glorantha Digest V8 #59

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