Re: Truth & Proof & otherworlds

From: Alex Ferguson <>
Date: Fri, 6 Oct 2000 00:15:07 +0100 (BST)

Nils Weinander on my disparagement of the 4WT, and its odder addenda:
> I see no reason why not, at least until there is a better
> theory.

Please, don't tempt me to provide you with 4K of the one, and 10K of the other. ;-)

> I think you can meet Vith on a heroquest, both in his
> earlier more active role and in his later withdrawal.

I was going to suggest perhaps that one could carry about a more-or-less - -theistic quest relating to Vith's Young Turk aspects (I dunno if they'd have the explicit Age construction familiar from classic theism?), but that if you want to 'reach' his latter-day aspect, you get in a boat, climb up his island to his house, and have a cup of tea and chat philosophy -- i.e., he acts (as it were) more like a sage than a god.

> > > > Kralori worldview: they certainly see themselves as being the perfect
> > > > balance of a host of opposed principles.


> Makes sense, I think so.

Th'art kind.

> In what way are lunar hells mystical, apart from the fact
> that the odd mystic (Sheng) gets stuck there?

Greg's stated that their 'mysticism' is why they weren't reachable by theistic means. But you could poke several holes in that, I know. (Left as an exercise for the reader.)

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