Pick a Solution, Any Solution

From: Peter Mcaveney <pmcaveney_at_usa.net>
Date: 6 Oct 00 11:54:39 EDT

>The heartstone had been sucking in every soul that had died
>in the area for the last thousand years, and when it all
>went up, the energy released was enough for a Gloranthan
>A-bomb. Except that energy was lifeforce and Will, with no
>guiding mind. I need to understand the gameworld so I can
>deduce what happens.

IMHO you're worrying too much. I can think of half a dozen solutions off the top of my head, and none of them contradict anything in the canon. Personally I'd be making this choice on the basis of Maximum Game Fun, and rely on my rationalization and doubletalk skills to settle any philosophic problems.

Or, submit your solution to the Digest, and we'll make it official :-)

Your situation illustrates why Gloranthan vagueness is a good thing. The published materials didn't help you, but they also didn't hinder you by defining the world too well. What if you couldn't postulate a new chaos god or a soul-trapping mechanism?

P.S. Good campaign idea. Mind if I steal it?

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