Re: The Glorantha Digest V8 #75

Date: Fri, 13 Oct 2000 17:17:35 EDT

Magnus 'Clackbeard' Vindegg

 First of all, Humakt is often portrayed as a rather two-dimensional and  impersonal deity. >>snipped

I pretty much agree with your ideas.

<< Second, my players recently asked me what happens when a shaman dies.>>

I think shamans try to keep their powers secret to some extent, to the extent of not telling people what happens to them when they die; or telling them some really outrageous tales. Sometimes their medecine is strong and the tales are true.....

<<. Sure, they should face Daka Fal and/or Ty Kora Tek, but can they be made into ghosts?
 Can they CHOOSE to stay as ghosts?>>

Why not?

<< Ghosts with spirit talking powers? (And
 a fetch, in RQ terms) Scary... Is there any reason why shamans should not  be able to haunt the living with their previous powers intact? Keep having  this dusturbing vision of a powerful shaman possessing Herdmen to gain  eternal life...>>

See the chimpanzee guy in Dorastor Land of Doom.  

 <<Does this make any sense?>> yes

<< Off my rocker?>> probably
<< Wrong list?>> if you are off your rocker, probably not.

Would it be impolite to ask how you earned the name 'clackbeard'?

Keith 'bolgbeard'

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