Re: Where are the still active temples of Orlanth in

From: Emmanuel Ponette <>
Date: Fri, 3 Nov 2000 14:02:18 +0100

>Peter Metcalfe <>
> The Old Wind Temple is perhaps the best known. Another is the hill
> of Orlanth Victorious

Where is the Old Wind Temple? Is there a temple of Orlanth in/near the Kerofin Mountain?
I think I remember there is a temple of Maran Gor there. What are the relationship between the 2 religion
(at the same period).
Is there shrines of other 'lightbringers' near these temples (OWT, OV)?

> >If so, what did they do to hide/protect them from the Lunars?
> The chief principle is the Lunar assumption that all the important
> temples are in the cities. By simply controlling the cities and
> closing down Orlanthi temples therein, they delude themselves into
> thinking that the important temples of Orlanth have been closed down.
> But Orlanth's strength lies in the clan temples and other holy
> places outside the cities, where the Lunars do not venture much.

Thanks for the info. I thaought the Lunars were smarter than that. No surprise they lost the war...



End of The Glorantha Digest V8 #107

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