Carmanian questions

From: Peter Nordstrand <>
Date: Wed, 22 Nov 2000 05:52:07 +0100 (CET)


This is my first posting here. I have been roleplaying in Glorantha for quite a few years now. I live in Gothenburg, Sweden where I spend most of my time pretending I have a life. Planning a short campaign set in Carmania, I would be grateful if someone would help me out with the following questions.

GittHW states that all Carmanian males are born into the Hazar caste, and if showing “the required talents [...] he may be chosen to become a Karmanoi [...]”. Later we are told that the only fiefholders are members of the Karmanoi. How, and by whom, is it decided whether someone is fit to become a Karmanoi or not? I am asking since this would have consequences for the laws of inheritance, and thus be of great economical and political importance. (“Darn, my only son didn’t meet the requirements. Now my fief will be given to Mr Smith’s debile son when I die.”)

I remember reading somewhere about a vampire kingdom in the Grey Mountains north of Carmania. Now I am beginning to believe that I am completely delusional, since I cannot find a single source confirming (or denying) this.

Thank you.


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