Voyages with Vampires

From: Davison Nick <>
Date: Fri, 8 Dec 2000 09:45:37 GMT

I've been reading the Harry Potter novels recently and was interested to see that the main villain is called Voldemort.

Perhaps JK Rowling is a Gloranthan fan and there is a Vivamort connection ?

MInd you I found this explanation on a HP website.

'In French, "Vole de mort" means "flight of Death" or "flight from death" (which I think more accurately represents him), with some hint of also meaning "theft of death". A famous pun on the French word 'vol' was when Napoleon confiscated the estates of surviving nobles of the pre-Revolutionary regime. One of the guys whose estate was confiscated said: "C'est le premier vol de l'aigle', which normally means 'it is the first flight of the eagle' but in this case 'vol' was to be understood as 'theft'. (extended info provided by Rita on eGroups). According to Aberforth's Goat on HP4GU, the "Vol" could be connected to the Latinate "volo" (to wish), meaning "wish of death" or "Death wish".


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